Fit Life with Rhonda

About Me

My goal in fitness was not to become a Fitness Trainer. Every since college, I dreamed of being a participant in a bodybuilding show. Fitness was something I was always interested in, but like most women, starving, trying different diets, or getting ready for the beach was my dysfunctional, norm throughout my life. At the age of 47, I finally found a bodybuilding trainer and nutritionist via my own personal trainer and friend (these are two different specialties). My trainer knew I really wanted to train for a show, not just to lose weight, therefore, I didn't have to be sold on this bodybuilding trainer. I saw the results via his clients in person and in shows. That is what I wanted to do! Fast forward 10 months, training and eating in a way I had never before (so much food!) I was fit for my first, competition at age 48 and I placed 5th my first show! I was hooked! During that time, I earned my Fitness Certification. I did this because once I learned how to train and eat, for the very first time in my life, I wanted to show others how to do it. I never knew how. Now, six (6) certifications later, I offer a wide range of fitness modalities to serve every demographic. This industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. They make it confusing and hard to understand what you are doing. Therefore, you never really know why something works or why it stops working. At Fit Life with Rhonda, the training is one-on-one, private, and focused. My goal is not only to support you and train you to EXCEED your fitness, goals, but also, to teach you to do it independently. I want every client to walk into any gym, anywhere on this planet and know how to train and what to train to get the best results out of his/her body.  I am committed to you. YOU CAN DO THIS!