About Me

My goal in fitness was not to become a Fitness Trainer. Every since college, I dreamed of being a participant in a bodybuilding show. Fitness was something I was always interested in, but like most women, starving, trying different diets, or getting ready for the beach was my dysfunctional, norm throughout my life. At the age of 47, I finally found a bodybuilding trainer via my own personal trainer and friend (these are two different specialties). My trainer knew I really wanted to train for a show, not just to lose weight, therefore, I didn't have to be sold on this bodybuilding trainer. I saw the results via his clients in person and in shows. That is what I wanted to do! Fast forward 10 months, training and eating in a way I had never before (so much food!) I was fit for my first, competition at age 48 and I placed 5th my first show! I was hooked! During that time, I earned my Fitness Certification. I did this because once I learned how to train and eat, for the very first time in my life, my ministry was to show other women how to do it. I never knew how. This industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. They make it confusing and hard to understand what you are doing. At Fit Life with Rhonda, the training is one-on-one, private, and focused. My goal is not only to support you and train you to exceed your fitness, goals, but also, to teach you to do it independently. I want every client to walk into any gym, anywhere on this planet and know how to train and what to train to get the best results out of his/her body.  I am committed to you. YOU CAN DO THIS!